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    FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

    What is JADE's success rate?

    JADE is led by My Linh Pham and Michael Cradock. My Linh Pham was the Victoria Government’s first Head of Significant Visa for 2014-2016. Michael is an immigration legal advisor and ex-KPMG audit consultant. JADE is joined by a team of experienced immigration legal advisors and together JADE has a 100% success rate of Business & Investor visa grants to Australia.

    How do I prove A$1.25m source of funds?

    Each of the four (4) main business and investor visas to Australia requires the visa applicant to show (1) they made money in their home country through lawful methods; and (2) the required assets – in the case of 188A, A$1.25m – are readily available to transfer to Australia. JADE has a team of legal, tax, and accounting staff and contractors to help understand the way you made money in property, business, and through other sources.  Customers choose us because of our comprehensive approach to proving the maximum Source of Funds.  This helps with future investment opportunities to invest larger capital amounts in Australia, with the correct permissions.

    If I buy property in Australia does this help?


    Help for 188A visa application. Investing in real estate or other investments prior to a 188A visa application can also assist with proving sourcing of funds for the 188A visa.

    Help for 888A visa application. There is a condition of the 888A visa that requires the applicant to have A$600,000 in net personal and business assets.  The minimum business investment is A$200,000.  Therefore, the A$400,000 can be an investment in real estate property.

    What is the most common reason for visa refusal?

    The most common reason for visa refusal is a poorly presented case for the source of funds that have been legally acquired and available to transfer to Australia. The Department of Home Affairs case officers who assess visa applications have access to resources and consultants who can advise them on many things related to business and investment laws.  Setting out a clear case in writing for how you have legally made money is a skill.  Fortunately, JADE has the right team with a proven capability to help even in the most complicated of cases.

    What additional benefits do JADE's customers get?

    JADE offers customers a COMPLETE IMMIGRATION PLAN.  Obtaining Permanent Residence to Australia is only one of the benefits. Our clients get personal attention from JADE’s founders to understand the unique opportunity that each client has to build on their wealth and take advantage of the benefit of having a leg in both Vietnam and Australia.

    How long do I need to stay in Australia on 188A visa?

    The 888 visa requires EITHER the husband or wife to hold a 188A visa and lived in Australia for 12 months in the 2 years before applying for the 888 visas.  The business that is undertaken in Australia must be operated continuously for 2 years and the 888 visa applicant must be a manager of operational, financial performance, and business strategy. The type of business will determine whether the 888 visa applicant can spend time outside Australia and still be able to manage the operational aspects of a business.  JADE helps customers to understand the reporting requirements to meet the conditions for the 888 visa.

    How does JADE help find businesses to buy?

    One of JADE’s founders is Michael Cradock who has been a private equity fund manager and investor in Australia since 2008. Michael has extensive business networks in Australia and can readily find opportunities for JADE’s business clients to provide value to an existing company and, for example, help grow the export revenues. In addition, JADE helps its customers set up and manage trading businesses that require low working capital and can readily achieve the required A$300,000 turnover for 1 year before the 888 visa application. Customers do NOT need to take the risk of buying an expensive business.  Please talk with JADE.

    How long is a typical engagement with JADE?

    The 888 visa requires EITHER the husband or wife to hold a 188A visa and lived in Australia for 1 year in the 3 years before applying for the 888A visa. The business that is undertaken in Australia must have owned and operated by the 888A visa applicant for 2 years in those 3 years. The type of business in Australia will determine whether the 888A visa applicant can spend time outside Australia and still be able to evidence they managed the Australian business. JADE helps the A-Z of meeting these evidence requirements.