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Property Investment Options

  • Active Joint Management: Suitable for 132A 
    and 188A visa holder
  • Passive income: Suitable for all investorsr
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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Who is JADE VIP Property?

We are a boutique real estate development firm with a team of industry professionals with many years of funds management and construction experience. We partner with investors to combine their capital with our experience in a win-win investment model.

What solutions does JADE VIP Property offer for 132A and 188A visa holders?

The services required of 132A and 188A visa holders differ in 2 ways to our non-visa investors.

1) The investor is more active in decision-making.

2) There are more reports generated for visa compliance. Other than these 2 ways, the services are very similar.

What are the investment models for investors?

There are three (3) investment models.

1) Income only. Investors invest in a loan investment and are paid monthly.

2) Investors invest in the company that buys the land and are paid a profit share at the end.

3) A mix of income paid monthly and a profit share.

Can anyone invest in JADE VIP Property projects?

Only investors who are known to the JADE VIP Directors and who are wholesale investors can invest in JADE VIP Property projects. There is a selection process to become a JADE VIP Selected Investor.

How is JADE VIP Property regulated?

We are regulated in the normal way that project managers of real estate are regulated. We comply with the requirements of ASIC and good corporate governance. A legally binding development agreement governs our relationship with investors.

Each project undertaken and the land for the development is owned 100% by the group of investors. This is a standard development agreement model between investors and real estate development managers like JADE VIP Property.

What is the tax situation for an investor who does not hold Permanent Residence for Australia.

There are two different points to be aware of. The first is that Australia has a concept of tax residence. Broadly speaking, if you are present in Australia for 183 days you will be tax resident and subject to pay income tax on your worldwide income.

If you are not present in Australia for 183 days then you will be liable to pay income tax on your Australian generated income at the applicable rate, which depends on the investment type.

The second point to be aware of is whether the project is required to obtain FIRB approval because a proportion of the investors are foreign for FIRB purposes. JADE VIP Property will liaise with the FIRB to ensure full compliance with FIRB laws.

What are typical fees charged by JADE VIP Property?

We work on a predominantly profit share arrangement. We make most of our money at the end of the project, when the development has realized its objectives.

In addition to this, we charge a management fee representing the careful work to present investment opportunities and to manage those opportunities through the 2-3 year development process.

Our management fees are different per project, because some projects are simple and some are complicated. In all cases we are aligned to our investors’ goal of making profit in 2-3 years.

What is the prior experience and success of the JADE VIP Property investment and development team?

Our Managing Director is Michael Cradock, he is a chartered accountant from KPMG. He has overseen $500m private equity and property development transactions throughout his career.

JADE VIP Property has a team of preferred builders who have been fully checked for their financial viability as a company and past track record of building on time and on budget. Confidence is assured to investors that money is managed careful, fully secured over land and builders are engaged on fixed price contracts.

Experience in finance, legal and construction is everything. Investors leverage this experience when then become a JADE VIP Selected Investor