Most permanent residency grants went to onshore applicants in 2020-21

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The 2020-21 Migration Program has delivered 160,052 places against the ceiling of 160,000, with most permanent residency grants going to onshore applicants. The intake has increased from 140,000 places delivered in 2019-20.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said the migration intake in 2020-2021 exceeded expectations, despite border restrictions and visa processing delays induced by the ongoing health crisis.

“Delivering a full program of 160,052 places meant drawing on the pool of onshore applicants due to global COVID-19 restrictions. This has been very successful given the difficult circumstances this year,” Minister Hawke said.

Migration Program outcome by country in 2020-2021. (Includes primary and secondary applicants)

Outcome  Stream
Citizenship Country Skill Family Special Eligibility Child Total
China, Peoples Republic of (excl SARs) 11,430 10,297 0 480 22,207
India 15,462 6,012 9 308 21,791
United Kingdom 5,660 6,942 <5 97 12,703
Philippines 4,185 6,296 5 572 11,058
Vietnam 2,742 5,158 0 220 8,120
United States of America 1,323 3,372 <5 81 4,780
Nepal 3,845 855 0 14 4,714
Hong Kong (SAR of the PRC) 3,265 1,009 0 38 4,312
Pakistan 2,248 1,843 0 30 4,121
Thailand 229 3,563 <5 209 4,002
Other 29,231 32,025 31 957 62,244
Total 79,620 77,372 54 3,006 160,052

Source: Department of Home Affairs

Migration figures released by the Department of Home Affairs on 21 September reveal that of the total permanent residency visas granted in 2020-21, China received the largest share with 22,207 places.  Vietnamese are the fifth-largest recipients of permanent residency grants

According to Mr Abul Rizvi, former deputy secretary of the immigration department, “The reason that there was a higher grant rate for Chinese migrants compared to Indian migrants is because of the larger partner category and the larger business migration category and the smaller Skilled Independent category.

“The business category is dominated by Chinese migrants, while Indians dominate the Skilled Independent category.” Mr Rizvi said.

Drop in skilled migration

 Australia’s skilled migration intake plunged, down from 70 per cent of the total permanent migration intake to just over 50 per cent.

The government delivered 79,620 places under Skill stream, which accounted for 50.7 per cent of the total outcome, of which at least 71 per cent of applicants were present onshore.

The highest number of places in this stream were granted to applicants who applied under the Employer Sponsored category, which had an outcome of nearly 23,000 places, followed by the State and Territory Nominated category under which nearly 14,000 visas were granted.

While 9,584 visas were granted under the Global Talent (Independent) program in 2020-21.

Of the number of places allocated under the Skilled stream in 2020-21, Employer Sponsored, and State Nominated categories received highest allocations.

Impact on Migration Program 2021-2022

Announcing the planning levels for the 2021-22 program year, the government said the Family and Skill stream places will be maintained at their 2020-21 planning levels, with a continued focus on onshore visa applicants, including reducing the onshore Partner visa pipeline.

According to Mr Rizvi, “At least for the first half of 2021-22, because of the cap on international arrivals, we will probably see a continuation of a focus on onshore visa grants, but once international borders open, I think we will see an uptick in offshore visa grants.”.

Source: SBS

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