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    FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

    What is JADE's success rate?

    JADE is led by My Linh Pham and Michael Cradock. My Linh Pham was the Victoria Government’s first Head of Significant Visa for 2014-2016. Michael is an immigration legal advisor and ex-KPMG audit consultant. JADE is joined by a team of experienced immigration legal advisors and together JADE has a 100% success rate of Business & Investor visa grants to Australia.

    How can JADE support me to get 188E?

    JADE has access to business and investor networks in Australia because of our background in the private equity industry and M&A advisory. We understand how to prepare compelling business plans that will have a high chance of success at State Nomination.

    Do I need VC funding for 188E application?

    No, you do not need VC funding to make a 188E application. However, you do need to demonstrate you have sufficient capital to execute your business plan.

    What is the most common reason for visa refusal?

    The most common reason for visa refusal is a poorly presented case for the source of funds that have been legally acquired and available to transfer to Australia. The Department of Home Affairs case officers who assess visa applications have access to resources and consultants who can advise them on many things related to business and investment laws.  Setting out a clear case in writing for how you have legally made money is a skill.  Fortunately, JADE has the right team with a proven capability to help even in the most complicated of cases.

    Assuming I get 188E visa, how can JADE support me with the business to get 888E?

    JADE has a network of professional consultants who can join your advisory board and mentor you to build a business that will make you money.

    Is there a competitive process to get 188E State Nomination?

    Yes. Each State Government has its own rules on who it will provide nomination to. Without the nomination, you will not be able to apply for the 188E visa.

    How does JADE charge fees for 188E-888E services?

    Please speak to one of our experts today.

    We only want to live in Melbourne or Sydney, is that going to be a problem?

    A good business model will require travel within Australia and outside Australia. The most important part of 888E requirements is the job creation and total investment into the business in the first 3 years. Of course, it is not easy to know where you will eventually live when you get PR.