Home quarantine trial to be launched in South Australia

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The first trial program of home-based quarantine — which is set to include international arrivals — will begin in South Australia this week.

People returning from New South Wales and Victoria will be the first to take part in the trial, which seeks to quarantine people in homes rather than medi-hotels.

It will then open to international arrivals.

Mr Marshall said geo-location and facial recognition software would be used to track people who were quarantining.

They will be contacted at random and required to provide proof of their location within 15 minutes.

“As we have more people in quarantine, it’s going to be very, very resource-intensive to have the police going around and checking, so instead we’re going to be using technology to trial,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“I think we’ve got the best QR code check-in app in the country … and I think this is another step forward using technology.”

A Health official will conduct risk assessments, with people applying for at-home quarantine having to prove they have a place to isolate.

“We’ve got very tight borders at the moment, there’s a high level of scrutiny … our arrangements with Victoria changed as of 6 o’clock last night, so that will be more people wanting to come into South Australia,” Mr Marshall said.

“Many of those people that come in will be able to take up that option, if it’s safe to do so, in their homes, and I’m absolutely convinced that the technology is the way to go.”

The Premier said he should be in a position to report the results of the trial to National Cabinet within weeks.

If successful, the home-based quarantine scheme is expected to be rolled out in other states and territories.

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