JADE’s consultants can help you establish new business partnerships with contractors, suppliers, distributors and large companies. 

Australia has a strong international brand and its products represent high quality standards.  This is particularly the case in food and health industries. 

The challenge for foreign companies seeking to export Australian products is the significant communication and “business cultural” barriers.  You need to have a good plan before approaching Australian suppliers. 

Whilst Australia is a relatively small market compared to Europe and USA, if foreign-owned companies can introduce their product into the right distribution channels in Australia, then there are good additional profits to be made.  However, finding the right distributor and building a strong relationship take time and an investment in local staff. 

JADE’s consultants have relationships and networks at various levels of Government, with industry associations and large companies in Australia.  We can help you expand your international business quickly understand the potential for your products in the Australian market, approach distributors and large companies and put in place a plan that will secure your position as a long-term supplier in the Australian market.

Whether you are looking for new products to distribute in your home country or you are looking for distributors and customers in Australia, please get in touch with one of our consultants to discuss your plan to expand your international business.




    JADE has a 100% success rate of being granted an Australian Business and Investment Visa, and has advised more than $ 500 million in Private Equity and Real Estate transactions.


    JADE customers have the right to contact the Leadership team directly, thus avoiding frustration when talking to junior staff or business agents. All our employees are focused on meeting the expectations of directors and customers about the best customer service.


    Our leadership team has over 40 years of experience with senior positions in financial services and the Australian government. Customers appreciate our approach to doing the best job possible and bring efficiency to minimize disruption and trouble for the lives of our customers.