Business Finder Services

We recommend our clients to be smart and buy a business that is “off market”, i.e. not listed on a business broker website.

Successful business owners understand that it is better to not advertise they are interested in selling their business, because their customers and staff may become fearful and leave or somehow undermine the business. 

JADE and its partners can arrange to approach more than 200,000 businesses that may be open to a discussion about selling their business.  We can find out who is interested in selling and then provide you with a shortlist and you can talk with those business owners directly yourself.

When searching for the right business for you and your family, you should consider the minimum income that you are willing to earn.  If a business you are interested in cannot deliver the income you and your family need, eliminate it from your shortlist.  Next, decide how much time you have and must work in the business in daily operations, including how much overseas travel you need to do if you have another business overseas.  You can continue to eliminate businesses that do not suit your lifestyle and other business activities.

Business Appraisal & Price Negotiation

It is worth getting a professional business appraisal on the business you are planning to buy or invest into.  It is a small step that could save you lots of money.

JADE and its partners will provide an accurate appraisal of the business opportunities, risks and price.  If you are investing in only 30-70% of a company, we can also recommend a suitable investment structure to have better decision-making rights if and when things don’t work out as planned with business partners.

After we have helped appraise the business, the next step is determining a fair price for the business you’re buying.  JADE team members are professionals and experienced M&A consultants.  We can help highlight the negotiation options that will help you get the best price.

Growth Services After Buying a Business

JADE has a range of other services to help you transition from the old business owner to yourself as the new manager. Contact us for a discussion about how other new successful business owners decide to work with JADE.




    JADE has a 100% success rate of being granted an Australian Business and Investment Visa, and has advised more than $ 500 million in Private Equity and Real Estate transactions.


    JADE customers have the right to contact the Leadership team directly, thus avoiding frustration when talking to junior staff or business agents. All our employees are focused on meeting the expectations of directors and customers about the best customer service.


    Our leadership team has over 40 years of experience with senior positions in financial services and the Australian government. Customers appreciate our approach to doing the best job possible and bring efficiency to minimize disruption and trouble for the lives of our customers.