Selling your business does not need to be complicated.  And it can be completely confidential.

The best time to sell your business is when it is growing each year.  Obviously, the worst time is when your business has declining year on year revenues and profits. 

To achieve the highest price you need to prepare your company for the 100% sale over a 2-year period.  The best approach is to sell your company in two instalments, with you retaining control and major decision-making rights. 

For example, JADE can introduce you to a buyer who will buy 40% of your company today at a good price and you can sell the remaining 60% in 2 years (using a formula based on future results). 

In this scenario, you will receive some upfront capital for the 40% sale.  You can then choose to to hire a new general manager so that you can work less and less on daily management tasks. 

A shareholder agreement will give you the necessary powers and rights to control the major decisions.  This doesn’t need to be expensive, but should be tailored to your individual requirements.

In summary, JADE can help achieve the highest price for your company by a method of a two-part sale transaction that allows you to get cash upfront in Payment # 1, work less whilst maintaining control until Payment #2 and 100% is transferred. 

If you would like to sell your company to people JADE can introduce you to, at a good price that achieves all your other goals, then please get in touch with us.




    JADE has a 100% success rate of being granted an Australian Business and Investment Visa, and has advised more than $ 500 million in Private Equity and Real Estate transactions.


    JADE customers have the right to contact the Leadership team directly, thus avoiding frustration when talking to junior staff or business agents. All our employees are focused on meeting the expectations of directors and customers about the best customer service.


    Our leadership team has over 40 years of experience with senior positions in financial services and the Australian government. Customers appreciate our approach to doing the best job possible and bring efficiency to minimize disruption and trouble for the lives of our customers.