JADE has a team of talented Directors and Consultants who have the right experience and background to help business owners and investors achieve big goals for their business investment.

In Australia, there are many opportunities for business owners and investors who are prepared to change the way things have been done in the past.  If you look at Australia business market place as an opportunity, then we are the consultants who can unlock that potential.

We offer a range of business services to clients who understand the value of our consultant’s talents, experience and background.  Please explore our services in more detail and get in touch if you believe we could work well together.


    We are available at Mon-Fri call us +61 (0)3 9034 3988 during regular business hours



    JADE has a 100% success rate of being granted an Australian Business and Investment Visa, and has advised more than $ 500 million in Private Equity and Real Estate transactions.


    JADE customers have the right to contact the Leadership team directly, thus avoiding frustration when talking to junior staff or business agents. All our employees are focused on meeting the expectations of directors and customers about the best customer service.


    Our leadership team has over 40 years of experience with senior positions in financial services and the Australian government. Customers appreciate our approach to doing the best job possible and bring efficiency to minimize disruption and trouble for the lives of our customers.