Adult Migrant English Program

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Changes to the AMEP

On Friday 28 August 2020, the Australian Government, announced major reforms to the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP).

The changes proposed included:

  • Removing the 510 hour limit on free English tuition;
  • Extending eligibility from functional English to vocational English; ​and
  • Removing the time limits for enrolling, commencing and completing English tuition for eligible visa holders who were in Australia on or before 1 October 2020.

The changes are now in effect and it means that:

  • You can now access unlimited hours of English classes until you reach vocational English
  • You can apply to enrol, even if you’ve enrolled in AMEP before and have been living in Australia for many years
  • You can keep studying, even if you’ve completed 510 hours (the previous limit), until you reach vocational English

When you are in an AMEP class, free childcare is available for children under school age. Your service provider will assist you to find out about free childcare.

Am I eligible?

The AMEP is available to:

  • Eligible migrants and humanitarian entrants who hold a permanent visa;
  • Eligible temporary visaholders (see table below)
  • Australian citizens who previously held a permanent visa or an eligible temporary visa. The principal visa holder and their dependants may be eligible for AMEP.

Temporary visa classes eligible for free English classes

Item Column A

Temporary visa class

Column B


1 Bridging F (WF) 060 (Bridging F)
2 Business Skills (Provisional) (UR) 160 (Business Owner (Provisional) 
161 (Senior Executive (Provisional)
162 (Investor (Provisional)
163 (State/Territory Sponsored    Business Owner (Provisional) 
164 (State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive (Provisional) 
165 (State/Territory Sponsored Investor (Provisional) 
3 Business Skills (Provisional) (EB 188 (Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional)
4 Interdependency (Provisional) (UG) 310
5 Partner (Provisional) (UF) 309 (Partner (Provisional) 
6 Partner (Temporary) (UK) 820 (Partner)
7 Resolution of Status (Temporary) (UH) 850
8 Safe Haven Enterprise (XE) 790 (Safe Haven Enterprise)
9 Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored (BQ) 139
10 Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) (UX) 495
11 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (VF) 475
12 Skilled Regional Sponsored (VC) 487
13 Skilled – Regional (Provisional) (SP) 489
14 Temporary (Humanitarian Concern) (UO) 786 (Temporary (Humanitarian Concern) 
15 Temporary Protection (XD) 785 (Temporary Protection)
16 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (PS) 491
17 Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) (PE) 494

Where can I learn English for free?

The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) is delivered at around 300 locations across Australia in major cities as well as regional and remote areas.

You can join your class online, go to COVID-safe face to face classes, or learn remotely by distance learning.

Learning options​​​

The AMEP provides a range of flexible learning options to help you study, including full time, part-time, evening and weekend classes.

It offers face-to-face and online classes, a volunteer tutor scheme and distance learning. If you have under school-aged children, the AMEP also provides free childcare services, while you are participating in face-to-face classes.

Where can I find out more about the AMEP?

Find out more about the AMEP by reading the Learn English for free fact sheet which is available for download from here

You can also:

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